Childrens Health Insurance Plans

Children's health insurance plans are easy to loacte and purchase
at DFW Direct Insurance!


Has the cost to insure family members and children on your employer group insurance increased recently? Do you make too much money to qualify for Medicaid or the Texas CHIP program? If so, we can help you to locate a quality children's health insurance policy.
Most insurance companies will not issue a true "child only" health insurance policy. They normally require at least one adult to be insured on the plan along with a child under the age of 19. For some people, that makes the cost of insuring a child too high to be affordable.

At DFW Direct Insurance, we have sevaral quality health insurance plans that do not require an adult to be on the plan, with rates starting at just $53 per month!

Our children's medical insurance plans include benefits for doctor's office visits, check-ups, immunizations, lab work, emergency room visits, prescription drugs and surgeries.

All of our plans are quality PPO network plans that allow you to choose your children's doctors. All of our plans are also month-to-month with no long term contract or open enrollment period.

To learn more about what plans are available in your area and receive a fast, free rate quote, simply call and speak to one of our children's health plan experts at 1-866-999-1215.