Guaranteed Acceptance Health Plans

If you have been turned down for health insurance, we have several great PPO network health plan options available!

Comprehensive health plans are available with immediate start dates with NO MEDICAL UNDERWRITING.

Regardless of your weight or current or past health conditions, you are automatically approved!

Here are some of the plan highlights from our most popular guaranteed issue health insurance plans:

Cardinal Choice PPO Network Health Insurance Plan 5 Highlights

v Lowest annual deductible per person – Zero inpatient and outpatient!

v Doctor’s office visits are approximately $0… (plan pays $100 after PPO network discount for the first six office visits per year)

v Plan pays $200 toward each person’s check-up visit

v Plan pays $75 toward an emergency room visit, and pays separately for testing such as x-rays, MRI scans, etc.

v TelaDoc feature allows you to call in and talk to a doctor at no cost who can phone in a prescription to your local pharmacy without an office visit! 

v Plan pays for outpatient tests like blood tests, MRI’s, air and ground ambulance, x-rays, etc. – (You receive the PPO discount plus plan pays $50 to $1000 per occurrence)

v Best national PPO network called Multi Plan – choose your own doctors, clinics and hospitals

vExcellent hospital benefits – this plan pays $1,500 per day for your hospital room, PLUS the plan pays benefits for surgical and anesthesia costs with no deductible

v Prescription drugs covered-  you receive a discount at the pharmacy counter of 30% to 60%, making most generic drugs less than $10.00.

v Lenscrafter vision club discount plan is also included that gives you discounts on exams, glasses and contacts

v Pay-as-you-go monthly, cancel anytime with no early cancellation penalty