Maternity Insurance

You are proabably aware that nearly every health plan on the market today pays benfits ONLY in case of complications of pregnancy. Typically only group insurance plans through large employers will pay benefits for "routine pregnancy". The new Obamcare plans pay very due to the insured person having to satisfy a large annual deductible before any maternity benefits are paid.
Additionally, nearly all companies will refuse to insure you if you are already pregnant.
At DFW Direct Insurance, we have two great plan options that will save you thousands off of the normal costs of both routine childbirth or childbirth with complications:
  • Access to one of the nation's largest PPO networks called Beech Street PPO – you choose your own doctors and hospitals
  • Benefits paid for office visits for sickness and injury, and 30-40% PPO network disocunts for prenatal care office visits and sonograms
  • Pregnancy is covered as any other illeness!!! After a 10 month waiting period from the effective date of your plan, you receive the following benefits for childbirth:
  • Day #1 in hospital = $2,500 in benefits
  • Day #2 in hospital = $1,500 in benefits
  • Day #3 in hospital = $2,500 in benefits
  • Plus thousands paid in benefits surgery/anesthesia for C-section surgeries as well!!!
This plan covers all other sickness and injury as well…in addition to the PPO network discount, the plan pays the following benefits:
  • $100 benefit paid for the first 4 doctor's office visits per year
  • Unlimited Call MD telephone consultations – call and have a prescription phoned in to your local pharmacy without a doctor's office visit
  • $200 to $1,800 benefit paid for accidental injuries from the core plan, plus an additional $5000 from the accidental injury supplement – this is in addition to hospital/surgical benefits
  • Plan pays up to $10,000 in benefits for your hospital room in the first 6 days of hospitalization
  • Plan also pays per surgery for the cost of the surgeon and anesthesia, with an unlimited number of surgeries per year! Highest surgical benefits of any plan in it's class.
  • $7,000 in air ambulance benefits are included
  • Pharmacy/dental/vision discount programs save you up to 50% off of regular prices – (enhanced Rx plan is also available)
  • $30,000 in accidental death and dismemberment in included, plus an axtra $5,000 from the supplemenal plan
As you can see, this is a very comprehensive health plan at an affordable price of just $257.58 per month!
For only $59.95 per month, you can receive a 25-30% PPO network discount off of all maternity-ralated medical costs. This progam also comes with professional pre- and post-hospital negotiation services. In many cases, this has saved our clients over $3000 off of the regular costs of childbirth that somebody without insurance would pay. Also, no social security number is required for enrollment in this plan.
You can visit to learn more about this plan if you are already pregnant.

Call us toll free at 1-866-999-1215 to find out more about our maternity plan options. We're here to help!