Prescription Drug Insurance

Prescription drug costs are repaidly becoming one of the largest cost factors in healthcare.

Many insurance plans today have high prescription deductibles or lack quality prescription drug benefits altogether.

At DFW Direct Insurance, we have many, many different solutions to help you to reduce your overall out-of-pocket expenses on prescriptions.

Nearly all of our health insurance plans include prescription drug coverage. Some plans have copays for prescription drugs while others offer a discount percentage right at the pharmacy counter.

We also sell supplemental prescription drug plans that can be used along with your existing insurance plan.

Mail order pharmacy programs are also very beneficial for people who are taking maintenance medications for ongoing health conditions. Some medications are up to 80% less by mail order than if purchased at your local pharmacy! We have a list of quality websites for online ordering of prescription medications.

To explore what options are best for you, call us today at DFW Direct Insurance at 1-866-999-1215 for a fast, free needs analysis and rate quote. We're here to help save you money on your Rx costs!