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Medicare Supplement Insurance Enrollment - DFW Directinsurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance Enrollment FAQs

When can I apply for Medicare Supplement Insurance? You can apply for Medicare Supplement Insurance during the open enrollment period which includes a six-month period from the date you enrolled in Medicare Part B if age 65 or older (or up to six-month after you turn 65 if you were eligible for Part B benefits […]
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Medical Bankruptcy

How to Avoid Medical Bankruptcy

Be prepared— it’s a motto the Girl Scouts live by and it’s an adage we should all adopt. Life is full of surprises. We should be ready for it all. Every day, people are living without health insurance. This is not being prepared. If something were to happen (i.e.: a wreck, a massive heart attack, […]
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Using Insurance Plans to Your Advantage

Using Insurance Plans to Your Advantage

If you have a health insurance plan, make sure you take full advantage of it. All health insurance plans are different and can provide a variety of compensations. Here are a few ways you may be able to take advantage of your insurance plan:   Checkups: Make sure you schedule and go to every checkup, […]
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