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Save on Health Insurance Premiums

When looking for the right health insurance, the best way to save money is to shop around. DFW Direct Insurance can do that for you. But what are some other ways you can save money on your health insurance premium?


What is a health insurance premium?

A health insurance premium is the amount that you pay month over month for your insurance coverage.

The average family of four will pay approximately $600 per month in premium costs.


Get a High Deductible Plan

To keep monthly payments low, you can choose a plan with a high deductible (the amount of money that you have to pay out-of-pocket for care). These plans are good for people who do not have underlying medical issues in which they need to see doctors regularly. Plans with high deductibles may be appealing to you if you are generally healthy and want coverage for worst-case scenario situations.


Take Advantage of a Health Savings Account (HSA)

An HSA allows you to contribute money to a savings account dedicated to health care costs tax-free. Using an HSA can be a great way to save money on health insurance costs, if it’s available to you. There are several plans we can discuss with you that you can pair with an HSA. Your contributions roll over year-to-year and you can invest your HSA funds so they grow over the long-term and this will help pay for out-of-pocket-expenses while keeping your premium low.


Choose an HMO

When you choose a PPO you can see the doctors without a referral. With an HMO, one primary care physician coordinates your care and you will need referrals from them to see a specialist. HMO plans are more affordable for this reason.


Let us do the “shopping around” for you and help you find the plan that will keep your premiums low. Call us at DFW Direct Insurance at 817-449-5557 or get a free rate quote in less than 2 minutes at www.dfwdirectinsurance.com.

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